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Resume Building 101: What Experiences Should You Include?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Your resume is the first impression that a potential employer will have of you. It is your opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications. As a college student or a working professional in your 20s, it can be challenging to determine which experiences should be included on your resume. Continue reading to know the experiences you should consider listing on your resume.

Relevant Professional Experience:

  • Your work experience is the main component of your resume. Make sure to include any job or internship experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Avoid the common mistake of trying to appear as a jack of all trades, and highlight the experiences that show your qualifications for the role. Be sure to list your accomplishments and responsibilities and quantify your achievements whenever possible to demonstrate your impact.

Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities:

  • Volunteering and participating in extracurricular activities can demonstrate your leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and commitment to a cause. Consider joining employee resource groups or organizations outside your current scope to develop your skills and network further. Including these experiences on your resume can show potential employers that you have a well-rounded background and are passionate about contributing to your community.

Education and Academic Achievements:

  • List your degree, any honors or awards, and if your GPA was over 3.5, your GPA. If you are still in college, include your expected graduation date and a relevant coursework section.

Professional Skills and Certifications:

  • Include any professional skills or certifications demonstrating your technical abilities and industry knowledge. Adding certifications shows you are committed to expanding your skillset and have invested the time to broaden your expertise.

Freelance and Personal Projects:

  • If you have completed any freelance or personal projects demonstrating your skills or experience, include them on your resume. This can show potential employers that you are proactive and creative. For those in creative fields, including your website or portfolio links is a must.

In conclusion, when creating your resume, it's important to consider all these relevant experiences. Including various experiences can show potential employers that you are a well-rounded candidate with a diverse skill set. Make sure to tailor your resume to each specific type of role to maximize keywords, optimize your resume for the company’s ATS systems, and highlight the most relevant experiences to the position. Subscribe today and receive Resume All Day's free "Resume Do's & Don'ts Guide" to stand out from the competition.

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