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From Sports Clubs to Sororities: A Guide to Including Extracurriculars on Your Resume

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Extracurricular activities can be a great way to enhance your resume and showcase your interests, skills, and accomplishments outside of the classroom or workplace. However, deciding which activities are worth including and how to present them best can be challenging. To help you decide, I want to share my perspective on commonly asked client questions surrounding writing about extracurricular experiences on resumes.

1. Should I put my sorority or fraternity on my resume?

If you were an active sorority or fraternity member during your college years, you should 100% add this to your resume. Being a part of a Greek organization can demonstrate your leadership, teamwork, and time-management skills. Additionally, it can showcase your involvement in campus life and your ability to balance multiple commitments.

When listing your sorority or fraternity on your resume, include any board or committee positions and information surrounding the philanthropic events you attended or non-profits you raised money for.

2. I am not involved in any extracurriculars since graduating, is that bad?

No! I hate to say it, but most individuals are not involved in any extracurriculars since graduating. Balancing a full-time job with your social life and adult responsibilities is hard enough. Please take some solace from my sharing that employers are primarily interested in your transferable skills, professional experience, and qualifications for the position you are applying for.

However, if you have been out of school for a few years and do not have any extracurricular involvement, it can indicate to some employers that you need more initiative or a willingness to take on new challenges. If you are in this situation, consider joining an employee resource group, taking on a mentor role, or pursuing volunteer opportunities at your company or community. These are often not super time-consuming and can demonstrate your ability to learn new skills and take on more ownership.

3. I am not involved in any clubs. What else can I put in this section?

If you are not currently involved in any clubs, you can still include several other activities on your resume. For example, you may have volunteered for a nonprofit organization, participated in a mentorship program, or attended professional development events. These activities can demonstrate your interests, skills, and dedication to personal and professional growth.

When describing these experiences on your resume, focus on the skills and knowledge you gained and how they apply to the position you are interested in. Additionally, try to quantify your accomplishments when possible (ex, "Raised $5,000 for a local charity through a fundraising event").

4. I am involved in sports clubs in college. Should I put this on my resume?

If you were involved in sports clubs during college, you could list them on your resume if you need help to fill the page. Sports clubs can demonstrate your teamwork, leadership, and dedication to a particular activity. Additionally, if you held any leadership positions or participated in competitions, this can further highlight your skills and accomplishments.

When listing your involvement in sports clubs on your resume, emphasize the skills and qualities you developed through participation. For example, you may have developed strong communication and problem-solving skills as a team captain or learned the importance of perseverance and hard work through training and competition. However, if you have other professional experiences or organization involvement on campus, prioritize those experiences on your resume over listing sports clubs.

Whether you were involved in Greek life, sports clubs, or other activities, focus on the skills and experiences you gained and how they relate to the position you are applying for. Remember to use your discretion when deciding what to include on your resume, and always tailor it to the specific type of jobs you are applying for. To maximize your chances of landing your dream job, subscribe now and get Resume All Day's free "Resume Do's & Don'ts Guide" to create a compelling resume that impresses employers.

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