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Get Hired Faster: Expert Networking Tips for Job Seekers

A typical job seeker’s routine involves sifting online job search engines like LinkedIn and Indeed and applying to open positions. While this method can be effective (I landed two jobs by blindly applying), consider incorporating networking into your routine. HubSpot reported that 85% of jobs are filled through networking, and CNBC published that 70% of jobs are never posted publicly. To be considered for these coveted positions, it is imperative to incorporate networking into your job search routine.

Here are some expert networking tips for growing your professional network and learning about unpublished job opportunities.

  1. Connect with your current network. Search companies of interest on LinkedIn and see if you have any connections who work there. Another search tip is to look up your alma matter and search alumni by company. Be bold and ask to connect on LinkedIn. Start your introduction by stating, “Hi, my name is Melissa. I am also a Longhorn. I am interested in working for X company and was wondering if you would be available to speak on the phone for 20 minutes so I can learn more about the firm.”

  2. Be open with your family and friends that you are actively seeking new job opportunities. Ask if their companies are hiring, and keep you in mind if they hear of any open roles. You never know where this may lead.

  3. Activate “open to finding new jobs” on your LinkedIn profile, which signals to recruiters that you are looking and allows them the opportunity to find you.

  4. Join professional networking organizations and see if they host any events near you.

In taking these steps, remember to be persistent and not get discouraged. They say that looking for a job is a full-time job for a reason. When you receive an offer from your dream company, that rewarding feeling will make the endless hours and preparation worthwhile. For more helpful job search tips, buy Resume All Day’s Interview Prep Guide. This tell-all guide is an incredible resource to help all job seekers prepare for upcoming interviews and stand out amongst other candidates.

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