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Stand Out in Interviews: Discover the Game-Changing STAR Technique

The STAR method. Do you know what that is? It’s not the latest fad diet or workout routine but a behavioral interview technique. Using this method to answer standard interview questions makes it easy for the interviewer to follow your story.

S is for Situation. Give background on the context of the example you are sharing. This could be a statement like: During my time working for Boeing as a supply management intern, or When I was studying at the University of Texas at Austin; I was involved in an on-campus organization called…

T is for Task. Describe what assignment you are undertaking and include any relevant details to help the interviewer understand your role. For example, I supported the firm’s Nike account and was responsible for finding venues to host a yoga workout event in NYC for fifty attendees.

A is for Action. Share the steps you took to complete the task. Continuing with the prior task example, to identify venues, I looked online. I searched the firm’s internal database and compiled a detailed Excel list of venues meeting these criteria. Next, I found contact information and contacted each venue to check for pricing and availability. After narrowing the list and selecting three options, I shared my findings with management.

R is for Result. What was the outcome of your actions? Include any quantifiable information you can recall, and always end positively, even if the question asks about a failure or negative event. Wrapping up the action by stating: During a series of collaborative meetings, the team decided to book one of my venues. I was able to use the pricing I received from my research as leverage and save the company about $2,000. The yoga event was extremely successful, and my boss shared the client wants to book future events at this location.

In conclusion, mastering the STAR method is a valuable skill that can significantly enhance your performance during behavioral interviews. By employing this structured approach, you can effectively showcase your experiences and accomplishments in a clear and organized manner, allowing interviewers to follow your story easily.

Remember, the STAR method's four components - Situation, Task, Action, and Result - form a powerful framework that enables you to provide comprehensive and compelling responses to standard interview questions. Whether recounting successes or addressing challenges, incorporating this technique will ensure your answers are thorough, impactful and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Purchase Resume All Day’s Interview Prep Guide for more interview coaching tips.

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